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Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Intriguing Facts to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

When you are frustrated because you just can't break your writer's block, there are many different methods you can perform to get your creative juices flowing. One of my favorite methods is looking up interesting facts about the world around me. 

Such as...  

1. Ancient Humans Were Fashionable 

How old is the bra? Try 600 years. According to University of Innsbruck researchers, they came across 4 of these ancient undergarments in an Austrian castle. The bras were designed very well, according to researchers, since they had cups, shoulder and back straps. Not to mention they were fashioned with designs to satisfy a male suitor. Now you know the bra wasn't invented in the late 1800s. What you still don't know is how well they worked on those suitors. And you thought A Game of Thrones could only make anything medieval interesting. 

2. Atleast We Had Our Sh@t Together

Ancient Pompeii is well known for its eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD that had killed its citizens and has made it into the horrid tourist attraction that it is today. Besides finding well preserved death poses upon your visit, you will find indoor plumbing systems that are still well preserved. So well preserved that remains of human waste are still in the pipes. How's that for inspiration for your next time travel story? Actually... that would be pretty crappy.   

3. Thank Goodness They Are Not Bigger

You want inspiration for a monster for your next horror story? Look no further than the orchid mantis as seen above. It can camouflage itself to look like part of a pretty, harmless flower blossom. Easily tricking bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects according to scientists. Once their prey get too close, it is too late since its pretty little claws are quick as they are powerful. Do you think you will ever put your nose in a flower again? Certainly! Just don't do it in Southeast Asia. Scientists believe it to be the only animal that uses the ability to look like a flower blossom to attract its prey. 

4. The Platypus Is An Alien

Do you believe in evolution? Too bad, because I do. You take one look at this monstrosity and you are forced to come to terms that there is no watchmaker, well... maybe there is, but he likes to have too much fun. The Platypus insides matches its outsides in weirdness. What do I mean? It has no stomach. When it eats, food just goes straight to its small intestine. And it's outsides? It has spurs on its hind legs that it can use to inject venom. Being a mammal that has no stomach and can inject venom with its back legs makes its ability to lay eggs seem mundane. 

5. Scientists Want To Make Scifi-like Medical Procedure A Reality

Everyone knows the demand for human organs is high. So high that some people are afraid to put organ donor on their drivers license. Scientists are aiming to fix the high demand low supply organ issue with 3D printing technology. The hope is to one day be able to use living cells, such as stem cells, to create functional organs. Currently, they can only create models of organs. They hope that in the next 20 years they will be able to make bioprinting more than just a cool word.

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  1. This. Is a great article right here and i am glad i ran across it. Writing is a passion of mines n i always look up things of this nature. Lol. Dont think writers block will be a issue of mines any more. Thanks. :)