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Monday, October 31, 2011

Build Your Writing Stamina

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could write all the time? Oh yeah, it would be. Let me tell you that I dream about a lot of things, besides world peace and talking bunnies, and one of them is to be able to write whenever I want to. It’s just too bad my other responsibilities take up most of my time and it is even worse that those same responsibilities cause me to spend a lot of my energy in order to complete them. But you have to do what you have to do, right?
It used to be that after coming home from work I would find myself feeling almost too exhausted to write, which put alot of stress on my writing sessions. Now is a different story. So what changed? Well, although I do write a lot about magic it wasn’t a magic pill that helped me improve my energy. And no, no it wasn’t a caffeinated drink either. It was plain old fashion exercise and a healthier diet.

Wait a minute! What?! Writing isn’t a sport! If you train like an athlete you can’t improve your writing stamina! What the heck is writing stamina? First off, while writing is not a sport it can sure feel like one if you are writing a novel. Writing puts a lot of strain on the mind and certainly feels like a full contact sport after a long day of doing it. Second, writing stamina is how long your mind can focus on writing.

Now I know that your days are hectic and making time to write can be a hassle, so you are probably thinking it is not worth making the time to exercise and it is more of a pain than a benefit when it comes to eating better. I am telling you that the benefits are too great to ignore. Within a week of eating better and making myself more active I was feeling better not only physically, but mentally. This all led to me being able to write for longer periods.

You know I used to be skeptic to what I am saying to you now. I used to rely on caffeinated drinks to keep me awake. I didn’t know a thing about writing stamina. I figured that the secret to staying awake long enough to pump out my daily writing requirement of 1,000 words was coffee and soda. I didn’t know that my secret was making things worse. Heck, I figured that dry eyes were not caused by the coffee, soda and poor water intake, but by just working hard in front of the computer screen.

What made me put down the caffeinated drinks? I wanted to find a way to write longer and I was tired of the result coffee and pop was giving me. The first thing I did was improve my water intake and the first thing I noticed after doing so was how my eyes seemed to feel better after my writing sessions. Then I figured since drinking more water drastically improved my eye health, eating better and exercising would do much more for me.

I am not saying that you have to run a mile or bicycle around the city to improve your writing stamina. You don’t have to become a vegetarian either. You just have to start small on eating better and exercising. Start with only a fifteen minute exercise a day. The most drastic change I made right away was drinking more water and cutting out the garbage from my diet.


  1. I have lousy dietary and exercise habits, but I have established a pretty good writing regimen. I've found that blogging provided me the kick that I needed to focus on daily writing, be it in my posts or comments. Now I have a schedule and "deadlines" to meet and write as though it is the business that it should be for me.

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  2. If it works for you Arlee then that is great!

  3. really good and interesting suggestion will try it.
    Kiran Moghe