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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Selling Out for Your Writing Market

If I had read these books I would have a better looking website.
Hello mother f… Wait, I can’t say that here. Well I could, but not if I want to place ads on my blog. You see there is a rule hopefully all of you bloggers know about. And that is when you want to post ads on your blog you have to be careful about your content. If you are familiar with my other blog on Wordpress, the link is on the side bar to the right, you know that I like to curse more than a sailor. Why? Because that is part of my lovely personality, I like to be upfront with my readers about my writing experiences.

It may sound like not cursing on my blog is going to be a hassle for me, but no, it won’t be. Censoring my writing to make money is nothing new for me. You see I have been writing for a while for different markets and when you do that my friend you have to say things in a way that fit that writing market.

The hel… I mean the heck with that, right? You can bend the rules. You can say whatever you want whenever you want in your writing. Well I say good for you if you have proved me wrong. All I know is that through my writing experiences, indie and traditional, you have to bend to what readers want if you want to sell. Even if you write Erotica? Oh yes, oh oh right there, oh oh yes. Excuse me, I got carried away with myself.

How do you know what readers want? If you are publishing through a publisher then the publisher will tell you. If not, then they suck and you should find another publisher. If you are self-publishing then you have to do your own market research to find what sells and what doesn’t in your writing market. Now if you choose to be a rebel to this then please tell me how you are selling writing?

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