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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Does Your Writing Space Make You Happy?

My lovely chair
Every writer should be aware that a writer’s environment is an important writing tool. I have found that writing in certain places help with the writing process. Heck, sometimes when I find myself stuck on my story I just pack up the laptop and head outside to the park or my other favorite place, the library.

I feel that where a writer creates his work is important because it affects his mood. If I could stay in the mood to write every single day on my own then there would be no need to create or find writing places that soothe me, cheer me up or keep me focused, but hey, I am human.

Did I mention that I have taken the time to create a great writing environment at home? Well I have. When I first started writing I went out and got the crappiest desk and chair pennies could buy, slapped my huge old monitor on top my desk along with my clunky keyboard and was done. I didn’t know any better. The more time I had spent at that writing space the more I had realized how much I hated being there and that wasn’t good for my writing. And it’s not like I could have gone to the park or to the library whenever I felt like it.

Now I am not saying you have to buy the newest and most expensive things for your writing space. I am saying you have to buy the things that will not only provide comfort for long periods of writing, but will make you happy.

Writing is a job. You need to be happy while you are doing it, that way you will write longer during your precious writing time. Hey, when I am in a good mood I find that I write faster as well. I know I keep saying how important mental health is for a writer in this blog. It is very important! That’s why I can’t shut up about it.

So if you want to decorate your writing space with posters displaying corny inspirational quotes and goofy photos of your favorite writers go ahead. Do what makes you happy.


  1. I'm so glad I came across this post. I'm embarrassed to say it, but my office is a mess. I want to declutter and freshen my office so badly, but something always stops me. As a result, I don't enjoy my time in this room, as I'm surrounded by disorder. The time has come to change this. I'm tired of the stacks of books and papers, so I'm making the committment to start today/this weekend in cleaning up. Fill the recycle bin, throw out unwanted mags, and GET ORGANIZED. Thanks Andre, for making this post and inspiring me.
    Carol :-)

  2. These are great thoughts you have shared to us fellow writers. I, too, have discovered that a congenial, comfortable, inspiring working space is essential to the writer's muse.

  3. I seldom compose in a congenial place. I either scribble in small wire bound booklets or take dictation in the field. Filmmaking, layout and publishing go on in my well equipped office. I've had a documentary aired on PBS and published over 100,000 pages, mostly technical manuals but some vanity titles, too. But footage and text begins in the trenches.