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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When Your Book Fails

“Father Michael Henry had sacrificed his youth and worldly desires to God. He feels he is worthy of Heaven. When doctors resuscitate him after suffering a heart attack he is shocked to what he remembers after death… nothing. He turns against Christianity, seizing the attention of a vampire, Lamia. She sends her half-vampire servant, Morrow, to offer something to him that God had not, the gift of eternal life. He eagerly accepts the gift with open arms, but soon finds out to his dismay that the gift is actually a curse that afflicts the damned. Now he fights for what is left of his humanity to escape from the powerful vampire that hungers for him.” – A Devil’s Redemption.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I have gotten some compliments from strangers about it. Funny thing is I know they didn’t buy the book. Why you ask? There a reasons, but the heck if I know. Maybe at .99 cents the book is just too expensive… I hope not.

When a book's sales doesn’t meet your expectations that doesn’t always mean the book is bad. It could mean that the book just doesn’t have the audience you thought it would have. It could mean you didn’t do the marketing right. It could mean the cover art and description could be better. It could mean a thousand other reasons as well.

The important thing to do is to log when a book sells, how it sells and what book marketing tactics you had performed. Unless you can contact the people who didn’t buy your book you will never know why they said no to it. Now contacting the people who did buy it can be accomplished if they follow your blog for example, so you can easily log what worked in attracting them to your book and what factor or factors caused them to make the final decision to buy it.

It is just too darn bad that we can’t post a poll on book distributors’ websites where people who don’t buy your book can specifically leave a comment as to why. Man, if I had that information I could easily redesign my book marketing to try to go after the ones who got away.

By the way, friend, my book “A Devil’s Redemption” can be found on Amazon. And the advice I can give to those who don’t sell well the first try is to try and try again. There are many authors who are successful now who were not always so, what had changed their writing careers was a book or book series that had caught on. Then people started buying their older books that had not sold well when they had first been published. Hey, it could happen to you.


  1. There's any easy way to know when your book sells and that is to make your book non-returnable which isn't actually making it non-returnable but rather non-returnable according to the "industry" standard. When you do this you know exactly when a book sells AND who purchased it. Thank God I found a publisher who will do this for me and it's wonderful. Hope that helps.

  2. I think it is one of the most difficult things in any writer's life to try and decipher why a book isn't selling well if there's no obvious cause. Writers can tie themselves in knots trying to second guess the reasons but you've offered the most important solution to this problem: never give up: Immediate success is extremely rare. LK Watts

  3. For the same reason I expect law school to be hard;I EXPECT to have my book turned down. Why? Because that is what everybody says is realty, is true. In fact, IF my book is published, I will consider it a miracle. Yet I am still writing it. Isn't that strange? Yes, I have a regular job.