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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where Do Good Stories Come From?

It’s hard brainstorming ideas for a book. It’s even more of a challenge coming up with GOOD book ideas. Here is a funny list from my other blog that I want to share with you:

1. Create the world of your book first. The story may fill in later. If not, then darn…

2. Come up with character bios for your book. Just don’t base your characters on copyrighted characters unless you want to write a court drama.

3. Think about what genre you want the book to be in and check out the news for real events that relate to your chosen genre. If you want to write a story about organized crime then check out the politics section in the news.

4. Base your book on a “what if” in your life. Let’s see, what if you hadn’t come across this blog… oh man, how totally out there!

5. Talk to your friends about what’s new in their lives. Your buddies may have some great story ideas and not even know it, so take them before they find out!

6. Drive to a nearby area not familiar to you and do some sightseeing. You may run into some new friends who will give you an action packed new story idea after you only give them your wallet.

7. Read a popular book that is in the genre you want to write and after reading it, write a review about it. Now Ebert, stop being a darn critic and do some actual work! Create a list of what you would do differently to make the story better, which is easy since no story is perfect. Now remember about copyright laws. Hey, there are plenty of authors out there that draw inspiration from others.

8. Take some meditation time each day of the week for at least one hour. I am not saying to work on losing your attachments from worldly desires to train your mind to always remain in the present. This isn’t about mindfulness or Zen. I am saying you should get a break away from all the crap that can cloud your creative mind. Once you are able to stand being alone with yourself, you will be able to increase that one hour meditation time.

9. Get around more creative minds. This can be online or in person. I find creativity to be as contagious as STDs.

10. Read my blog. Oh God, I am so lame.

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  1. I like number 4, I always get lots of what if... ideas. Even from books I've read.

  2. Funny list. I especially got a charge out of the "organized crime" suggestion.

    Good stories are everywhere. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing them.

    Wrote By Rote