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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Are you funny enough to write comedy?

The answer is yes, right? Come on! It is a known fact that everyone thinks they're funny. If you don’t then let me check your pulse to make sure you are alive.

I for one think I am funny. At least the voices in my head say that I am and as long as you have an audience then that’s a start, right?

“Of course!” I say.

The purpose of righting, ahem, writing this terrible blog post is just to show you all that I have the courage and the silliness to branch out into writing territory that is unfamiliar to me. No matter how many humor books I read or comedy fiction writing seminars I go to, I personally believe that I will never truly understand comedy until I write it on my own.

That means getting out there and making mistakes, which happens when you are new. But that also means making new friends and creating new achievements.

I had published a blog post earlier about writing outside of your favorite genre. So it should be no surprise that I am writing in a genre that is brand spanking new to me.

Since I like to share my writing projects with my blog readers, here it is. I am writing a dark comedy about a warlock named Jacob who is aspiring to be the first necromancer by reanimating a dead body with a human soul. That isn’t funny! I know, but after a foul-mouthed ghost follows him home from a graveyard and agrees to let Jacob use it for a trial run the funny soon begins. To the vulgar spirit’s shock it awakens in the body of a toy poodle. Now Jacob has more to worry about than a pissed off poodle. Once his rival, Mina, becomes jealous of his furry little accomplishment she strives to make his dream of becoming a living legend a nightmare.

The title of this black comedy is “My Dog is a Dick.” Now that is some serious fiction for you.


  1. Bwahaha! My Dog is a dick! Love the title. Any plot can be funny depending on the author's narrative and characterization. Best of luck!

  2. Andre,

    Great post! Keep writing comedy/humor! My debut humor novel, "Geek 'n Dork" launches in January, 2012 and it was a lot of fun to write. Please keep in touch and let me know when "My Dog is a Dick" launches. I'd love to read it!

    Author David Brown

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