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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Does your writing reveal that you are a homophobe?

I have written the first draft of an awesome sci-fi thriller called “Teratogen-H.” What is “Teratogen-H” about you ask? And I thought you didn’t give a damn enough to ask. Well, friend, the science fiction tale is about the not too distant future where science has revealed that homosexuality is not a choice, but is genetic. Sounds like a bright future doesn’t it? Well in my story my characters decide to abort unborn babies who have been “diagnosed.”

That sounds horrible! I know, but to me it sounds like the most realistic consequence to science discovering sexuality can be predetermined. I look at the current news today and see homophobia is still rampant in developed nations, so why wouldn’t it be so in the future?

So what happened to this story? I am still working on it. A story like this will be Indie. Maybe it will catch on with readers, maybe it will just piss people off, either way I am more than happy to publish it. Out of all the speculative fiction I have read very few of it had focused on race, sexuality or gender in a controversial way. If you have more than ten examples, please feel free to tell me.

Anyway, even if there are a thousand books that cause its readers to question the world they live in today, that still isn’t enough. The more the better, I say. But when an author does write about racism, homophobia or sexism and the literature has characters that are a part of these awful things, does that mean the writer are these things as well? Are the characters that a writer pens examples, metaphors, of the horrible things that make up the world or are the characters only really the writer?

I have written about many awful characters. Each time I stop and think, ‘Is this really me without worrying about the consequences?’ I can’t really say they are other people that I know. I have never interviewed anyone well enough to really understand them to the point where I can comfortably say they are the character in my story and not me.


  1. I love this. Can't wait to read it. Please let me know if you need help, I do book reviews and this sounds just up my alley. I'm also writing a controversial book. Mine is about a Muslim Superhero and takes on themes of religion, fanatacism, misogyny and race. Thanks for posting this, I look forward to in.

  2. Thanks, Pavarti.

  3. Well said. I look forward to this read as well!

  4. So what happens to us bisexuals? Do we get just the left side aborted? :)

  5. Good one Pavarti! I look at it this way though. I've heard white racists verbally attack Obama's black side despite the fact he is also half white. So a homophobe wouldn't let bisexualism slide, at least not in my story.

  6. Damn it! We always get the short end of the stick! :)

    Actually your point is very good because as a bisexual I know that many straight folks think of me as gay and many gay folks think of me as "not gay enough".

    I believe the racist and KKK's point about race is that one drop of black blood made you a "negro" and that would be applicable here.

    A really interesting concept which obviously has my brain churning about the issue, so go you, that's the makings of a great book!

  7. "I know that many straight folks think of me as gay and many gay folks think of me as 'not gay enough'"

    Actually, you have a really good story right there.

  8. Wow! What is interesting concept.! I am curious about how your story unfolds.A writer who writes about the subjects of sexism, racism, homophobia, or other horrible things in society does not make that individual those things. Sounds like a realistic depiction of warped society. I agree through that controversial subjects should have handle with care. A other idea I had to show what made those characters had those extreme views. I think you should go what is best of your story rather what everyone thinks ,or feel, and have your bad characters be three-dimensional instead of one-dimensional bad characters.
    Good luck in finishing your interesting good concept of a world.

  9. This is truly a fascinating topic, Andre. I appreciate it when people are willing to open up these cans of worms for an honest, introspective look. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own attitudes and perspectives that we're blinded to the truth that underlies it all. Based upon your post here, it sounds like you're a thoughtful man, an excellent writer, and a voice with something worthwhile to say.

    I find your post's title interesting, and perhaps a bit revealing. Obviously and tragically, too many small-minded people's knee-jerk response to homosexuality is unthinking and violent. However, the wording of your title hints at a similar intolerance.

    If you're looking for a book that causes its readers to challenge the world they live in today, you need look no further than the Bible. It challenges EVERYTHING we hold dear in this world. If you haven't studied it with an open heart and mind, you're missing out on the wildest ride of your life.

  10. I'm curious what would happen if they found out that the opposite was true.

  11. I think it is safe to say that all homophobes believe that homosexuality is a choice.

  12. It is an interesting concept but you want to be careful about hitting your audience over the head. That's why whenever people bring up homosexuality, it's usually in the subtext (Like in X-Men 3 with the cure, True Blood, etc.). You can also play with the religious aspect as well. Is the point of this film that no matter how much you want to control the outcome of society, you can't?

  13. Sounds like a great topic for a book. SciFi is the perfect genre to tackle this topic. And I think your "what would people do if..." projection is spot on.