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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Music For Your Muse

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know I did. You can tell since I haven’t published a new blog post for a darn week, but vacations must come to an end. So here I am writing about something else and while I am writing this guess what I am also doing… guess… and keep your mind out of the gutter! What I am doing is listening to music.

You do that don’t you? Of course you do, listening to music does more than block out annoying neighbors. It can help a writer with the creative process.

Sometimes when I am brainstorming a story I listen to music to help with building my fictional world. Do you do that? If not, try it. Do it to take your mind to a creative place and to keep it there during your writing sessions.

What type of music do I listen to when writing? I listen to classical, mostly. I am a huge fan of Philip Glass. But it really depends on what I am writing. Even if I am working on one novel I may listen to different kinds of music to help me create the mood of each chapter or scene. Now do you do that? If not then give it a try.

Below is an example of what I like to listen to when I am writing. I know, this is a very beautiful song:

Does the song take you to a special place? Is it happy or sad? Are there people? What are they doing? Is there conflict? Is there a story? I have found that listening to music can also help with breaking writer’s block. What do you think?


  1. I've found, time and again, the best music to make me creative is alternative rock. STP's Purple is my favorite album. It sinks into the background and shoves me forward. I love it. Classical is great as well. But whatever music it is it can't be too loud and jarring. It has to have a flow to it. Some stuff I really love to listen to but can't write to are Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson just because the rhythm changes too much.

  2. I write mostly to David Arkenstone and Enya. I find it's nice background music that doesn't pull my focus away from what I'm working on.

  3. For me, I cannot listen to music when I'm writing. I need total silence or else nothing will get written. When I'm listening to music I'm usually singing along and dancing my butt off.

  4. Then dance away, Robley.

  5. I like classical background music. It helps me focus on my writing. Often I'll play "Ambience - soundtrack for Christian living" which features a classic guitar.