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Friday, August 10, 2012

Before I Send My Story To An Editor

I have to admit when I first started writing I had figured that it was all about getting as many books out there as fast as possible. Boy did my previous sales tell me otherwise. I had to find out the hard way that the most important thing to selling successfully is to take your time with your story.
I constantly hear from other authors about how much they can write in one session and how many books they can publish in a year. For a writer who is just starting out on their own, they can easily get the impression that publishing is a rat race and the victor has to be the fastest rat. That my friends is as ridiculous as a dog in human clothing.

I told you... ridiculous

The point I am getting at here is that I take my time before I press the publish button for my books. I know, I know, that means my readers have to wait longer to get my books, but once they do they are satisfied. In fact, more than satisfied. Some of them write me love letters and some Google Map me and sleep in my front lawn. Why you ask? Because before I even send my story to an editor I make sure it is the best I can make it. And my readers are generally batty, like me.

I am standing on railroad tracks...batty
Seriously though, when you think about it. An editor can only do so much for your story. They can check sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, spelling and if they are good they can check and notice plot holes and inconsistencies in the story line. However, they won't know the story like you do, since hell, it is your story. So take the time to look for plot holes and inconsistencies yourself. Take the time to make the story richer and fuller. An editor can only do so much. If you take my advice and take your time developing your story, your readers will appreciate it.

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  1. As an editor, I'm grateful for you pointing this out to writers! I'm also a publisher, and and in that role like authors who work at their writing before submitting their manuscript to us. I'm putting a link to this post on the Rethink Press facebook page. Come and like us, if you have a moment: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rethink-Press-Limited/170755143007307
    Our website is www.rethinkpress.com

  2. I am with Lucy on this - I'm an editor for a very small press. It helps us out a lot if the writers take their time with their books and don't rush to press. Writers groups are a great avenue to have someone else look at the story prior to sending it to the editor. Understanding the reader base and be willing to make changes where changes are needed can help out a lot too.

    Thanks for posting!
    Unforgettable Books, Inc.

  3. Hi Andre,

    Love your analogy about the dog in human clothes. You're absolutely right about not rushing the writing process. I'm just about to release my second book after perfecting it as much as I can - so wish me luck.