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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Am Not Dead! Just Busy Writing Fiction...

I know all of you were worried about the fact that Andre Cruz literally disappeared off the face of the World Wide Web. There is no need to worry, for I am safe and well. Wait... let me stop just right there. The truth is that most of you are probably like, 'who the hell is Andre Cruz?'

Well, I am an ebook writer, and a receiver of a L. Ron "Crazy" Hubbard Writers of the Future Honorable Mention,  who loves to publish science fiction, fantasy and horror stories. That is who I am. Actually, that is what I do and an accomplishment. But for right now, who cares about anything else right?

I have been on a writer's journey and now that I am back to the blogosphere. I have some great stories to share with you all. 

The first thing I want to tell you all about is that I have found a really good cover artist named Rick Green. Now this is essential when it comes down to your ebook. Some say people don't judge a book by its cover, but I say bullshit. 

If you think about it a book's cover is a very important marketing tool that is necessary to grab the reader's attention long enough to get them to stop and read the synopsis. It also does something that is just as important as the former; it lets the reader know that the book is professional and therefore worth the price. Hey, how many of you bought a book with a horrendously designed book cover that looked like a third grader had done it?

Anyway, below is what my cover artist had done for me. Check it out:

I think it looks good and no that is not me. I think it is my cover artist's neighbor. The truth is it took a couple of drafts before he got it right. He did offer the third draft at a discounted price, but who wants to see an out of shape nude man holding a toy poodle on their book? I have to admit if people didn't give a damn about the book cover neither would I so hell, I could have saved a couple of dollars.

Happy reading and I will return with another ridiculous, I mean fun blog post.

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