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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Have Fun Ebook Marketing

I have to admit. I had a lot of fun writing "Shadow Mage". It was my first attempt at humor and let me tell you that it won't be my last. Yep, I had a blast!

You see, as a writer, I like to try new genres. I don't like to limit my creativity. I have found that experimenting with different ways to imagine the world helps me grow personally and professionally. It also helps me to reach a wider audience. Maybe that is just me...

So when I market an ebook. I try to incorporate new techniques that I read about. I have found that this not only allows me to grow as a self publisher, but it also allows my profits to grow as well. Who doesn't want that?

Although, one thing that stays the same is where I market my ebooks. Since I write ebooks, of course my material can only be found online. So, I do all of my marketing online. I understand that I am trying to reach an audience that is comfortable reading ebooks. It is hard to imagine this, even with a creative mind, but there are a lot of people out there who do not like ebooks simply because they want to feel a book in their hands.

No way! Unfortunately, yes way. That's why if you want to go on book tours make sure it is virtual. That's why if you are posting blurbs about your ebook online on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, make sure the blurb is reaching an audience that has ereaders.

Hey, I use to think that everyone will come around to ebooks. But, that is just not the case.

Now, why did I write the headline in this blog with the word 'Fun' in it?

Because I have found that anything that challenges me is fun and man, book marketing is always a challenge. I am always performing marketing research. I even use this blog for finding my target audiences. It never stops, not when you are serious.

No matter what. Just make sure you are having fun. Serious fun, but fun all the same. Wait... no, that's right.

I have found a lot of interesting people and more importantly a lot of interesting people have found me through my book marketing. That in itself is rewarding and exciting. Even though I have to admit that the work you have to put in to sell a few copies of a new title is never as easy as you think it should be.

Buy "Shadow Mage" on Amazon and be ready to laugh.

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