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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do you rock out when you write fiction?

Writing fiction can be a lonely art form. I am sitting all by my lonesome write now. I mean right now, come on stay focused, while I am writing this blog about being alone... The irony. 

Something I do to keep my mind off my loneliness is drink. No, no... that was my Ernest Hemingway voice. I had to write an article on him recently. What I had meant to say was that I listen to music while I write to keep myself in the moment of my art. Yeah I said that write, I mean right. 

I find that the mind can wander when you have nothing else but quiet to keep you company. You are forced to come to realize that it is only you behind the writing desk. While you are writing about far away places or a time long ago, your mind starts to think about the world as it is today and what is going on out there without you. 

I believe that's why some of my fiction writing buddies listen to the news while they write. Me, I listen to music. Rock music, because that keeps me focused on the world I am currently creating at my writing desk. 

My Rock Out Sessions Destroy

The kind of rock doesn't matter to me. I only care if the music keeps me focused and if it so happens to aide my muse then that is a plus. I figure since movies have soundtracks, why can't I while I write?

Movie soundtracks help you become engaged in not only what is currently going on in the movie, but its music also makes you aware of the scene's tone and sometimes even its theme, especially when the music has lyrics. Yes, I took film courses in college. So I ask you, why can't music help you become more aware and engaged with the tone and/or theme you are trying to create in your fiction?

When I find myself writing dark fiction, I listen to dark music. Why not? Now, I am not only focused on completing my work, but I am focused on the right tone, which can lead to a suitable narrative voice. 

'So what am I listening to right now?' you ask. I am listening to Stars by Hum. 

Have a great one!

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  1. Yes I do. All my WiPs have playlists and 90% of them are at least 60% rock. :-)

  2. Music is too distracting for me to listen to while I write. Instead, I put the TV on and a show I've seen a hundred times as background noise. I can ignore that easier and focus on my writing, but also take little breaks to look up and watch a couple minutes before going back to writing.

  3. Am a big Rock music fan but not while I'm writing, as a lyricist I find it too distracting and sometimes end up singing along really badly. So instead I have created a playlist of instrumentals that I have running to fill the background. Anything from Enigma, Enya and Clannad I also add to that list as their delivery is so ethereal that it doesn't interfere in my thought process and continuity. Love some of Tony Iommi's classical guitar pieces from Black Sabbath's early albums and Eric Stewart and Candy Dulfer's Lily Was Here is a personal favourite.

    1. I am the same way Lee. I need music that I like in order to keep focused on my writing. No death metal for me.

  4. The series I'm writing is actually about a group of misfits who form a rock band, so yeah, not only do I play rock music (rock, metal, punk, goth) but I've even implemented the story's characters in Rock Band and cut little videos of them onstage to play in the corner of the screen while I slip into their heads to write their dialog.