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Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Reasons Your Dog Would Be A More Productive Writer Than You

That's what I said. Hey, don't look at me that way, you were the one who clicked on the title to get here. So now that you are here with me, let me explain what I am talking about. You see writing is a craft that requires a lot out of those who practice it. Emphasis on practice, because just like medicine, there is always something new to learn to make you better. And since practice does not make perfect when it comes to writing, this can cause writers to develop all sorts of interesting dilemmas that keep them from taking up the keyboard.

When it comes to humans, we have to be the only ones on this planet that create our own problems like we do. Usually the hardest obstacles we create are done so by our own fears.

When I look at my dog, he is always able to get himself in a good mood, he stays focused on whatever activity he does, and he doesn't let his past mistakes trouble him . If he had a more developed brain and just raccoon hands, he may look like this:

He is my second source of income

Besides looking good in a business suit, my dog has some other great qualities that if we all had we would all be more productive writers.

1. Your Dog Can Always Get In The Right Mood

I have heard many people talk about how they have to be in the mood to write. I know you have heard it to. Maybe you have heard yourself say this. I know I have said it.

It is only an excuse for being lazy that has the potential to turn into writer's block if left alone.You know you want to write, but what is stopping you?

Whenever I face a moment when I don't feel like writing, I ask myself the simple question of why. Ninety nine percent of the time it isn't because I am tired. It is mostly a reason that can either wait or is part of my wavering self confidence when facing the uphill project that is creating a well written story from the thoughts in my head.

My dog is always in the mood to do his job. Granted his job is to play and keep me entertained, but whenever I ask him to find his toy he never ignores me. I know he is a lesser animal that doesn't have to worry about the things we do, but when it is time to write we should get in dog mode and think about the task at hand instead of all the other things outside of it. This will keep us in the mood to write. It will also help us to stay focused, which is my next point.

2. Your Dog Can Stay Focused

We all have issues with staying focused. You can blame it on the constant demand to multitask that your job places on you or technology or because writing can be so lonely. I always blame it on myself.

Time is limited and therefore very precious. We still find ways to waste it. Setting aside time to write should mean just that for writers.

When my dog plays, he stays focused on just that. When it is time to head out to the park for a walk, he becomes focused on that. When it is time to eat, the same. Dogs live in the moment, so when they are doing something they don't stop to think about the other things they could be doing instead.

If we all could just stay in the moment too, then when we set time aside to write we would just be doing that and more of our works would be out there for readers to find.

3. Your Dog Doesn't Let Mistakes Trouble Him

This ties in to the fact that dogs live in the moment. Now, I know that if a dog is abused they can develop trust issues with humans. However, we are talking about mistakes here.

When my dog had peed on my shoes, he was only sorry when I pointed it out to him, very loudly, that he had made a mistake. Afterwards he sulked a bit with his tail between his legs. However, when you look at him now you would never know that he ever had made a mistake in his adorable little life. And that now is twenty minutes later.

When he goes about doing something, like watching for pesky mail men or keeping me entertained, he doesn't let his mistakes keep him from doing what he wants. This can be frustrating sometimes...

Yes, I know that what he does is less complicated than what you do, at least I hope so, but he doesn't let his mistakes keep him from doing what he loves. And you shouldn't let your mistakes keep you from writing what you love.

It is fine to listen to criticism, as long as it is constructive. Just don't let it stop you from writing what you want. I have seen writers abandon stories and even genres because the mistakes they are told that the had made. Listen to them, keep a note of how to correct them if you feel they should be and move on. Live in the moment like Fido when you set time to write and you will  increase your productivity.


  1. Hey Andre,

    Great post. Enjoyed reading it. You've got to keep writing whatever you feel like. I think a healthy dose of self discipline works.

  2. www.novemberfirstpublications.weebly.comNovember 19, 2013 at 3:49 PM

    Hiya, Andre.

    I found this piece in a LinkedIn discussion group of which I'm a member. Glad I did - it's not only very good advice but extremely well-written. I even sent a link to my wife, who is also an author. I am sure we will both benefit from your advice.

    I've subscribed and very much look forward to reading more.

    David H. Keith

  3. Hah! This one made me laugh. I have two STUBBORN beagles, so I can definitely get to see all of these in practice. Guess I now have two new mentors. :)