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Monday, November 25, 2013

Methods for Creating Successful Book Covers

Simple, but nice... Just like my day
Even though your mother has told you not to do it, you still judge books by their covers. Don't beat yourself up, you are not alone. Every one does it. So as a self published author, you should put as much work into your book cover design as you did your manuscript. If not, your book sales will suffer.

You have spent months crafting a manuscript, making sure it is your best work. The work you had put into your story should be recognized by anyone who comes across your finished book. When you have a high quality book cover, you are immediately telling the potential reader that the story under the cover matches its quality. That is why when you have a book cover that looks like crap, your books sales will pay for it even if your story is gold.

There are always two questions that I ask myself when I consider creating a book cover myself. 1) Can I make the cover engaging enough that someone besides my mother would want to buy my book? 2) Can I make the finished product look like it was created by a professional? If I answer no to either question I know it is time to hire a professional graphic designer that knows how to create book covers. 

Noticed how I was specific about hiring a graphic designer with book cover design experience. The link I had posted above is for Richard Green, who I had the pleasure of working with. He is talented with creating book covers that capture an engaging element of the story. Something that I feel is very important to the overall success of a book.
The Photography Method or Photography-Graphic Artist Method

There are times when I feel I can use my photography to create a high quality book cover. Hey, I cannot draw, but I can buy everyday items and take a photo of them to create a scene for my book cover. For instance, I can buy a red rose, a black vase, lighter fluid and matches. I can set the scene by placing the red rose in the black vase, sprinkling a few drops of lighter fluid on the rose pedals and set the rose on fire with a match. Then I cry in a bathtub naked. No that's another story. Then I take a close up picture of the flaming rose in the black vase. 

What do I have afterwards? It depends on how the picture came out and if the scene I had set up matches any part of my story in an engaging way. If I have done those things correctly then I would use it for my upcoming romance novel, "Love Turned Grey." Ashes are grey, right?

Hey, I can write romance. I wrote a blog post about creating meaningful sex scenes. I think I have it down. 

When I can't capture the image just right I write it down and send the picture to a graphic artist with book design experience. That way they have something I want to work with and they can make it look much better. They can even add effects that I could not. For instance, showing the flaming rose turning grey because it is turning to ash. 

The more I think about it, I will start to use the photography-graphic artist method more often. Even though it is easier just tell a graphic artist what you want, it is worth the extra effort of giving them a picture to work with. Why not go the extra mile for your book's success?   

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  1. What you can also do is have the designer create two or three sample covers and have a poll or vote on your site or Facebook, to see which one your readers like best. This also adds to the excitement of a new book release. Heck, you can even make it a contest..