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Friday, December 13, 2013

How To Get A Book Deal With A Mind, Body, Spirit Publisher

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Last Updated 6/28/18 

There is the book you want to write and a book a Mind, Body, Spirit publisher wants to buy and they may or may not be the same book.

If selling your book to a Mind, Body, Spirit publisher is your dream, here are some actions I suggest you take and some information you need to know before you ever write your first word:

1) Go to a bookstore

Find the exact shelf your book would sit on. What other books are already out there that are similar to yours? How is yours different? Write down the names of the titles that are similar to yours. You will use all of these titles later on when you are putting together your book proposal. A formal book proposal is always presented to literary agents and/or publishers along with your manuscript. One of many sections of the book proposal is called, "About the Competition." Alternatively, it is called, "Comparable Books." You will need to compare and contrast your book to others that are similar to it to convince a publisher that yours is a worthy contender.

2) Look on the Mind, Body, Spirit shelves to find trends

"The Secret" spurred on a bunch of Law of Attraction knock-offs. But are those books still hot? See if you can spot an up and coming trend based on what you see on the shelves. (Hint: according to agents and publishers, right now, books on happiness are out).

3) Take note of who is getting published and where

Most publishers are publishing the same authors whose names are already famous. How many newcomers are getting published? Notice who those publishers are.

4) Build your platform (your publicity reach)

Your platform is the deal maker or the deal breaker! Your platform is perhaps the most crucial element in your book proposal. Where are you known? Publishers will buy books from authors who are top-platformed, meaning they are highly visible in the media, are in front of people all the time and have strong social media connections and followers. Get yourself out in front of audiences and start doing it now! I don't care if your book isn't out or isn't written. Develop your platform and you will have more clout.

5) About Louise Hay and Hay House

So many Mind, Body, Spirit authors approach me wanting their books shopped to Hay House. Hay House is a wonderful publisher, but please know that they typically only accept books that come to them via literary agents, and they tend to go for top-platformed authors. Once they accept a book, it will also typically take 2 years before that book comes out.

6) Selling New Age Fiction and Channeled Material

I was pitching to a publisher at a national book convention for one of my clients with the then President of Hampton Roads. He told me, "I love fiction but I just can't sell it." 

I do not know Mind, Body, Spirit publishers who buy fiction or channeled material. Yes, we all know Esther Hicks and her books on the Law of Attraction are channeled. But Esther already had a HUGE platform when she signed with Hay House, so she is an exception. The vast majority of New Age fiction and channeled material is self-published.

A book is more than a book; it is your dream. Make it so!

About the Contributing Author:
Randy Peyser is the author of The Power of Miracle Thinking and Crappy to Happy as featured in the movie, Eat Pray Love. She edits books and helps people find agents and publishers. She also writes for Awareness Magazine and is the former Editor-in-Chief of a national New Age magazine and a Bay Area New Age magazine. Her interviews include: Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Marci Shimoff, and others. www.AuthorOneStop.com, www.MiracleThinking.com.

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  1. Hi Andre, many thanks for the info / tips. I read with interest, especially point 6 ... because i have written a few channeled books and am now writing through inner-dictation. ( Channeled being 'over-shadowed' by a form of being and / or spiritual energy and the later with, through and from one's heart connection to God, the source, the Creator or whatever name one cares to use for eternal truth and love.
    Having only a small platform to work from ( 2000 twitter followers for eg) i have tried the approaches to book stores etc. The one thing i haven't tried for my MBS books ( or rather Spiritual guidance and education) is via literary agents with a book proposal. I still find marketing a struggle but have a blog and maintain social networking so who knows.
    It is great to find motivational people to urge and spur you on ... i am sure your tips will help guide many people. Many thanks, Dave/ AscensionForYou