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Friday, December 2, 2011

Who Buys Self Published Books in 2013?

If you want to be a successful self published author you have to think like a business professional and come up with a strategy for book marketing. Two essential steps to creating a successful book marketing campaign is to first begin by understanding the demographic of your target audience and key industry trends. 

Bowker, a book data company, understands that self published authors with good business acumen are more likely to find success. After all its Director of Identifier Services, Beat Barblan, has stated that "the most successful self publishers don't view themselves as writers only, but as business owners."

So Bowker performed research on the self publishing industry to help business minded indie authors.  

The company has found that  a whopping 71 percent of people who buy self published books are women. This data correlates with their next finding that the two most popular genres of self published books are romance and literary fiction. 

Fiction will continue to remain the most popular genre of indie titles, according to Bowker. The firm projects that there will be a rise in popularity in self help, biographies, children and spiritual books. 

Since women are driving the market, consider this demographic when creating your book marketing plan. Even if you feel your story is something women won't read, think again, since the majority of consumers who buy indie books are women. 

Another factor to consider when constructing your book marketing plan is whether your books should be an ebook, traditional book or both. Before making this decision, you need to consider that ebooks are gaining in popularity. They now make up 40 percent of self published ISBNs, according to Bowker.   

Even better than the number 40 is the number 59, which is the percentage increase of US ISBN registered indie books in just one year. This means in that one year, between 2011 and 2012, over 391,000 indie books were published with ISBNs. Bowker stated that it believes the number is actually even larger since indie authors can publish books without ISBNs. 

This is all exciting news since it shows that the indie book industry is growing. It also reinforces the fact that self publishing should be taken seriously by every indie writer and press since consumers certainly are doing so already. 

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