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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 ways to write when you don't want to

Last Updated 7/11/18

I remember when the cobwebs and dust had collected on my keyboard.

Well, the one in my home office. The one at work always and still does have sweat stains on it.

You can't see the sweat and tears

Why can't we spend as much time and energy on the things we love?

The answer is simple when the things we love don't provide the money we need. So then it is off to a day job from 9 to 5 or 11 to 9 or midnight to God Save Me From My Job. 

One of the hardest parts of being an adult, besides putting down the beer when you have to and not throwing away the bills, is going to a job that takes time away from your passion.

The day job can be so draining. You have to develop a routine to write so that you will write even when you don't want to.

But how, you ask?

Here are 5 tips I use to keep me writing even when I don't feel like it after a long day on the job. 

1. Create a minimum time to write

Set time not set time on fire, remember

I make two hours after work open for myself to write. Notice how I say MAKE. Don't fall into the trap that you have to wait for the right time for a writing session because the right time is a feeling. You will be inclined to not feel like doing anything after work, so that right time will barely FEEL available. 

Make yourself free for yourself. Hey, get you mind out of the gutter!

2. Set goals in your writer's log

There are two steps to this one. First set goals for yourself every writing session. Then keep a log after that session is done to track your progress.
My writer's log

When you don't want to do something your mind wanders. Some call this writer's block. Can all writer's block be prevented? No, but it can be corrected.

Hold yourself accountable for not making progress in each writing session and you will notice those days when you can't focus on your writing start to lessen. 

3. Love to read when you want to sleep

The point is to keep your eyes open
In one of my earlier blog posts I talked about building writer's stamina. This can be done through proper diet and writing exercises. Yes that is a pun and it does work damn it. 

You need to remember that good writers are avid readers. You can never get better without reading the work of other writers. Especially writers who are better than you.

They are better than you at the moment? Sure! Let's think positive!

I read mostly on weekends since my writing sessions are mostly during the week. 

This step shares the MAKE time for yourself rule as tip 1. It also shares the eye rolls and are you fucking serious reader responses of tip 1. 

4. Make Sure Your Dreams Motivate You

I dreamed this

You want to be a bestselling author. Why?

Find the reasons behind your dreams and understand the motivation behind each reason. That will be fuel that will never run out.

Whew! Let me take a breath. I am trying too hard to be philosophical. 

It could be you want to show the world who you are and what you think of it. Or... money.

Just find out, get comfortable with it and use it to keep you going. 

5. Brainstorm your writing session at lunch

I'd rather write than eat

I can eat and rub my belly at the same time. Thinking about what I am going to write when I get home comes easy for me.

You don't have to plan out an outline while you eat your ham and cheese. Just the exercise of thinking about writing every day at a certain time will make your mind ready to write after work.

If you write before you head to work on a regular then good for you. Tell me how you do it because some days I just have to sleep in until it is time to go to work.

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